"By dint of hard work for the country rendered in a spirit of selfless sevice may you march ahead with hope and courage as torch bearer of a peaceful revolution. Remember that in this dynamic world you must go forward or else you will be left behind."

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy

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Mission & Vission

Our Vision & Mission


“Topromote good physical and mental health, development of pupils’ attitude and inculcationof the discipline of a responsible citizen and to create a class ofintellectually morally sound and committed citizens, who will become a humanresources of high caliber, to cater to the needs of the society and the countryas a whole in accordance with our motto “ sa vidya ya vimukttaye” means “Knowledge Liberates”.


*Spreading higher education in anarea of rural backwardness;

*To accord priority to the educationof women, minority section, as well as Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled caste and othervulnerable sections of society.

*To appreciate and respect all faiths,foster self and community development and promote religious harmony leading to nationalintegration.

*To promote value based education.

*To create a teaching - learning environmentconducive to the pursuit of higher knowledge, relevant skills and experience.

* To continue efforts to include newdevelopments in education into the curriculum so as to promote academicadvancement leading to national development.

* To promote awareness on ecologicaland environmental issues.

* To effect changes in the curriculumwith information and communication technology.

* To develop skilled personnel throughvocational and entrepreneurial education.

* To create research environment whichcan lead to consultancy and extension.

* To sensitize the students on socio-economicissues with special focus on human rights and gender issues. 

* To develop entrepreneurialmotivation among students.

Makeavenues for the future generation of the rural area to become a self-competent humanbeing.